Are you advertising your business on Instagram? Yes? Good!

The reason why Instagram is so popular among businesses is that it not only helps create awareness of your products and services but also helps boost your traffic and sales faster than a lot of other marketing channels. In fact, Instagram is the most engaging platform on the Internet and it is home to the most active online buyers from around the world.

So, how do you leverage the benefits of organic Instagram marketing for your business? Read on and get to know a few proven techniques that can help improve the popularity of any business on Instagram.

Create a consistent profile across multiple social media networks

The first step is to create a user name for your account. An ideal name could be a combination of your brand name and niche as the first half and second half respectively. And most importantly, make sure you are using the same user name across other social networks as well. This will help users identify your brand easily. Your profile picture can be your brand logo with a standard caption. And yeah, include your website URL in your bio. It’s a clickable link – so you’re going to get a lot of visitors to your site when you do the basics correctly.

The next step is to start posting images on your Instagram account and integrate it with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to get your other network followers on your Instagram account.

Post shareworthy content

Did you know that shareworthy content gets the maximum user engagement on Instagram (even on other social media channels)? Okay by shareworthy, we mean content is interesting and useful to the audience. But wait. Promotional content of your products or services is not the only thing to post on your account. Come up with a mix of ideas that include your business offers and consider the interest and location of your audience and based on that develop your own content posting strategy.

Popular ideas for business related posts include press releases, video teasers of an upcoming product, offers, behind-the-scene photos of your team, your office space and manufacturing process.

Use relevant hashtags

Like keywords on Google, hashtags are what help potential buyers find your images at one common place. There are a lot of hashtag options you could think of keeping in mind related to your industry and your target audience.

For example, if you are a small business targeting domestic buyers, then including location based hashtags like #Alabama, #Naples and #Bradford could help improve your reach in your area.

If your services are catered to the international audience, then including your industry could be the best choice. Some examples include #Travel, #Fitness, #Health and #Food.

Use tracking tools to know the numbers

Last but not least, in order to track your users’ response to your ads and your campaign’s success, make sure to use tracking tools for your account.

Final words

Brands like Starbucks and Air Asia started from scratch and developed a massive following on Instagram. Here’s what: it all comes down to getting the attention of the people and keeping them engaged. We hope the aforementioned strategies would help you to plan your Instagram marketing campaign well to get more followers and likes, and of course, more sales. Wish you good luck.


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Sara George

Sara George

Sara George is a social media writer at who also contributes for hundreds of other blogs. Her articles are predominantly centred around Instagram marketing and are widely followed by readers from all over the world.

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