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VANCOUVER–Glance Technologies Inc. is demonstrating its upcoming Order from Table feature to select restaurants and has secured initial launch locations for this feature. Order from Table allows consumers to securely order from their table and pay for their meal using the Glance Pay app on their phone. Users simply scan or tap a marker on their table and make their desired selections – the food and drink are then delivered to the table and users are free to leave when they choose.

“I believe the improvement in the experience of dining when you can order and pay from your table and simply leave whenever you are finished dining is astonishing” said Glance CEO Desmond Griffin. “You do not realize how inconvenient, time consuming, and frustrating the traditional process is of flagging a waiter to give your order, flagging a waiter for your bill, flagging a waiter to pay, and actually paying via a chip and pin or swipe and sign is until it goes away – the main frustrations of dining are removed which dramatically improves the experience. This is especially powerful in time-sensitive situations such as a meal before a meeting, flight, game or show.”

Glance currently estimates that users can save an average of 10 to 25 minutes per visit in a full-serve restaurant environment, blurring the line between quick service and full service experiences. This technology will increasingly allow users to grab a quick bite for lunch at a full service restaurant during a busy lunch hour without having to worry about getting back to the office on time. In addition to providing a superior experience for their customers, this can also dramatically increase table turnover during peak times for restaurants, thus driving more revenue for the restaurant. Wait staff can also handle more tables and focus on providing better service, which is especially helpful for restaurants in markets experiencing significant minimum wage increases or staffing shortages.

“The continued innovations, such as Real Time Bill and Order from Table, that Glance’s mobile payment solution brings to my restaurant group provides immense value to manage rising operational costs without sacrificing exceptional service. This is a game-changer,” says Carl McCreath, President of Restaurant Operations, Steamworks Group of Companies.

This technology can also be applied to quick service restaurants, where rather than queueing up then ordering and paying at the counter, a user can simply sit down and order and pay from the table using Glance Pay and a restaurant staff member will run the food out to the user. This can be done without increasing the number of staff required at a quick serve location as staff do not need to spend time inputting orders and collecting payment at the counter. McDonald’s has recently implemented a table service feature at some of their locations. However, Glance does not think it is practical for thousands of different restaurant brands in any given metropolitan area to each have their own app and expect users to sign up for and manage thousands of different apps. In markets like this, Glance believes there is an opportunity for one or a few companies to aggregate this market and become a platform for the service as has occurred in other industries such as taxi, parking, and social media.

Glance Technologies is the owner of Glance Pay and Glance PayMe, a pair of complementary smartphone payment applications that enable merchants to provide their customers with quick secure payments, digital rewards, and a better customer experience.

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