JULY 12, 2018 | 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Hilton Toronto Markham Conference Centre

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Connecting the most successful marketing strategies and tactics with the
latest marketing channels, technology, and media.

We’re bringing together the best and brightest in data-driven, response-based advertising for exclusive, powerful and proven insights on how today’s marketing strategies can, and do, take advantage of the best-of-the-best tactics created by our brightest stars while leveraging the latest in disruptive, radical and quantum-leap ideas. Discover options you may not even know exist. Or may not have seen in action.

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8:45 am Opening Remarks | Keynote Presentation

Opening Address. Looking Forward. Jan Kestle has been a leader in the marketing information industry for more than forty years. She’s helped hundreds of customers—in industries ranging from finance and retail to the not-for-profit sector—turn data and analytics into insight, strategy and engagement. Prior to founding EA in 2003, Jan was president of Compusearch and spent 19 years at the Ontario Statistical Centre.  Don’t miss this outstanding presentation.

Featured Presentations | The Legends |  10:00 am to 11:00 am

LORI BIEDA, CHIEF DATA SCIENTIST & HEAD, CENTRE OF ANALYTICS EXCELLENCE, BMO. The Journey Analytics Evolution. Journey analytics is being used to transform businesses all over the world – from detecting digital leakage into offline channels, to dramatically improving the client experience, to changing how companies sell and serve. But companies continue to grapple with the complexities of embedding journey analytics – and customer journey thinking into their organizations in a way that it can be absorbed and scaled with pace. Learn how this fact-first way of propelling the business forward is helping organizations drive incremental revenue, refine their cost structures and improve client experience – and what it takes to evolve to a journey-led organization.

STEVE SHAW, CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER, KENNA. The Big Shift: How to Transform Your Marketing Model. Everything about the new, more customer-obsessed marketing model demands new systems, processes and ways of thinking – but most of all, the urgency to abandon stale-dated practices. But where to start? And exactly how many bends in the road are there? In this practical, plain-speaking session you’ll discover a failsafe path to marketing transformation – the exact steps you need to follow without falling victim to the law of inflated expectations.



Here’s the Inside Guide to the speaker tracks.

1. The Legends. The most successful Canadian marketers became that way because they look forward with a clear vision of how all marketers can learn from the best campaigns ever created —and how the tactics and results can (and are) applied to the new challenges. Their sessions explore the near future of marketing. Hear from highly-accomplished and respected marketers who are still in the thick of the fight. 

2. Sharp Minds & Disruptors. The world of marketing changes every day. New  methods, new media channels, new regulations, new consumer sophistication, new social influences, new response systems are born. The young minds at the forefront and in the field help you discover what’s coming and how it can work for you. Find out from those who know the inside secrets of the latest and (soon to be real) marketing technologies and proven data-driven implementation.

3. The Marketing Analytics Academy. Learn the best analytical and business intelligence methods from experts who understand the power of data to identify, engage and retain customers. Hear case studies. Discover opportunities. Building a single view of the customer by developing contact strategies from that holistic view, and measuring customer value longitudinally, across all channels And that’s just the beginning.

The 2018 DM Congress for Data Driven Marketers is the only conference which addresses the immediate and near term challenges facing all marketers who rely upon data-driven, response-based strategies. Find out how digital marketers are using data appends like demographics and store locations to refine their messaging and targeting. Get the word from the sources of A/B testing, long forms, content-based, call-to-action, RFM (recency, frequency, monetary), variable text, and so much more. More than 20 sessions from a combination of award-winning, groundbreaking marketing visionaries drawn from award-winning Canadian DM veterans, the new digital leaders, the disruptors and the re-inventors who are using AI, BI, VR, heuristics, neuroscience, algorithms and micro-content to push the digital envelope in ways that we didn’t know possible. It’s a can’t miss, one time conference you can bring or send your whole team to without challenging your budget. Sessions for the most savvy, senior marketers right through to groundbreaking sessions for inventive young members of your team.

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